Laso Health Information Authorization

Effective Date: January 27, 2020

Last Updated: January 27, 2020

  1. Introduction

Laso Health connects patients with healthcare providers and assists in locating Healthcare Providers that offer private pay services and scheduling your appointments with the Healthcare Provider of your choice. In order to provide its services, Laso Health requires certain background and health information from you, and Laso Health needs your permission to use and disclose that information to healthcare providers.  Your health information is private and is not required to be shared, but Laso Health cannot provide effective services if you do not share your health information.  If you decide to communicate your information to or share your health information with Laso Health, it will be protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”), because Laso Health has contracted with Healthcare Providers as a “business associate” and must maintain the privacy and security of your health information.  Under HIPAA, your health information is known as “protected health information” or “PHI.”

  1. Privacy and Security Safeguards for Protected Health Information

To ensure privacy and security, HIPAA limits the uses and disclosures of PHI by Healthcare Providers and by health plans (“covered entities”) as well as entities such as Laso Health that provide certain types of services to covered entities. Except in certain circumstances, your written authorization is required before Laso Health may disclose your PHI to a third party.  By using Laso Health’s services, however, your PHI may be shared, without further authorization, with the covered entities and business associates with which Laso Health has entered into “business associate agreements.”  In the event you authorize disclosure to any other third parties, your PHI may no longer be protected by HIPAA by the recipient.  Healthcare Providers may not condition their provision of care on your signing this Authorization.

  1. Privacy Policy Regarding Non-Protected Health Information

Laso Health’s Privacy Policy describes how Laso Health collects, processes, and shares information that is not PHI.

  1. Your Authorization

This Laso Health Authorization (“Authorization”) constitutes your written consent to allow Laso Health to use and disclose your PHI to provide services to you both as a business associate of Healthcare Providers and for Laso Health’s own purposes as described in the Terms of Use. By electronically signing this Authorization, you give permission to Laso Health to retain as well as to use and/or disclose your PHI, specifically your demographic information and general health condition and needs information, for the following purposes:

  • Scheduling appointments with healthcare professionals;
  • Optimizing your Laso Health user experience;
  • Receiving appointment alerts and reminders;
  • Describing health education topics and information about services, products, or resources that may be of interest to you; and
  • The uses and disclosures set forth in the Laso Health Privacy Policy.

These uses and/or disclosures will be considered to be made at your request. 

  1. Marketing

This Authorization also gives Laso Health permission, on its own behalf and not in the context of being a business associate, to use your PHI for the purposes of marketing various healthcare services and products of third parties to you.  Laso Health may receive financial remuneration from such third parties for its marketing activities, but it will not sell or otherwise share your PHI with such third parties, although de-identified aggregated data may be shared or sold.

Click here only if you would like to opt out of receiving healthcare services and products marketing information from Laso Health.

  1. Expiration and Revocation of Authorization

This Authorization shall be effective as long as you continue your access to the App, Site or Services from Laso Health. If you wish to revoke this Authorization or to opt out of marketing, you must notify Laso Health by submitting a revocation through your account settings page.  Any revocation or opt-out of marketing will be effective upon receipt by Laso Health, but it does not apply retroactively to previous actions taken in reliance on this Authorization. Additionally, revocation of this Authorization regarding PHI does not affect Laso Health’s use of your non-PHI as set forth in the Laso Health Privacy Policy.

  1. Acknowledgement

By creating an account, or accessing the App or Site, you authorize the use and/or disclosure of your PHI as described above. You acknowledge that when your PHI is disclosed to people or entities that are not required to abide by federal or state medical privacy laws, those people or entities may re-disclose your information to others and use your information without being subject to penalties under those laws.

For updates to the Authorization, please re-visit the Information Authorization page prior to using the App, Site or Services, as the we may change the terms of the Authorization from time to time at our sole discretion. If you do not wish to provide us with the Authorization, you are not permitted to create an account, or use the App, Site or Services provided by Laso Health.